Aeruma is the exclusive Kaseya supplier in Malaysia. Kaseya VSA is a unified remote monitoring & management. It support Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Endpoint Management & Network Monitoring.

Kaseya VSA provides various features such as patch management, remote monitoring and management, remote control, audit and inventory, network monitoring and anti virus and anti malware. 
kaseya distributor in malaysia
Patch Management
Kaseya VSA patch management, automatically keeps servers and workstations up-to-date and in compliance
kaseya vsa malaysia
Remote Monitoring & Management
Powerful features on a single pane of glass
kaseya vsa
Remote Control
Harness the power of Live Connect, the world’s fastest remote control
kaseya distributor in malaysia
Audit & Inventory
Discover and track every system and software detail – no matter where the machine is located through Kaseya VSA
kaseya vsa distributor in malaysia
Network Monitoring
Enterprise-wide monitoring, alerting and automatic incident remediation
kaseya vsa distributor
Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware
Configure and deploy AV/AM across your entire network at ease with Kaseya VSA
kaseya distributor in malaysia
Comprehensive IT Management System
  • You are allowed to monitor and manage everything through Kaseya VSA - traditional endpoints (servers, desktops, laptops), SNMP network devices and printers.
  • Get visibility of your entire IT environment with the VSA Network Topology Map.
  • On top of Kaseya VSA, you can easily generate reports and use out-of-the-box and custom dashboards to visualize your IT management data.
kaseya vsa distributor
IT Automation & Efficiency
  • Kaseya VSA boost IT efficiency through automation and seamless workflows.
  • Remotely manage endpoints to proactively resolve issues.
  • Automate IT processes and auto-remediate with Kaseya VSA.
  • VSA’s workflow integrations with BMS/Vorex and IT Glue enhance IT operational efficiency.
kaseya vsa malaysia
IT Security
  • Kaseya VSA, automate software patch management and vulnerability management to ensure that all systems are up to date.
  • Control access with 2-factor authentication (2FA).
  • It allows you to manage backups (BDR) and antivirus/antimalware (AV/AM) from a single UI.
kaseya vsa distributor
Tremendous ROI
  • Kaseya VSA is priced right and delivers exceptional value.
  • Achieve a higher endpoint-to-technician ratio.
  • You can save on software licenses and hardware costs with better IT management with Kaseya VSA.
  • Eliminate point tools that are no longer needed to manage your IT infrastructure.