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  • Adobe

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Adobe Distributor Malaysia

    As Adobe supplier Malaysia, we provide a variety of Adobe products, services, and solutions that fulfill the demands of your business. Adobe is well-known for its creativity, productivity, and digital experiences all around the world. It is an outstanding application and software that offers game-changing innovations that reshape the digital experience landscape and inspire new business categories.

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  • APC

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted APC Distributor Malaysia

    APC (Schneider Electric) is the global leader in the power management and optimization industry, providing diverse products such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS), racks & accessories, data center software, row 3 phase power distribution, surge protection & power conditioning, batteries, and cooling services. As the APC supplier Malaysia, we supply you with high end products and services of APC, which is the most popular corporation among IT departments in small-size and enterprise businesses.

  • Crowdstrike

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted CrowdStrike Distributor Malaysia

    CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity solution that is intended to lessen real-time cybersecurity threats and incidents, safeguard computer systems from malware, facilitate institutional measurement, and understanding of security conditions and events. CrowdStrike has transformed endpoint security by fusing three essential components: prevention (NGAV), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and threat intelligence integration.

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  • Datto

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Datto Distributor Malaysia

    As Datto supplier Malaysia, we offer you the world's leading provider of cloud-based software and security solutions purpose-built for delivery by MSPs, which are proven by Datton’s products and solutions. The products and solutions such as SIRIS platform, ALTO, cloud continuity for PCs, continuity for Microsoft Azure, file protection, workplace, saas protection, remote monitoring & management (RMM), auto task professional services automation (PSA), commerce, Wi-Fi, switches, edge routers, and many more!

  • Huawei

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Huawei Distributor Malaysia

    Huawei is the significant provider of ICT infrastructure and smart products globally and provides a variety of products catering to both business and consumer markets. As Huawei supplier Malaysia, Aeruma Group offers great business products such as carrier network, enterprise wireless, enterprise networking, enterprise optical transmission & access, Huawei cloud, intelligent computing, data storage, intelligent collaboration, and ascend computing; consumer products such as PC, tablets, wearable, audio, router, EMUI, accessories, and smartphones.

  • Juniper Networks
    Juniper Networks

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Juniper Distributor Malaysia

    As the role of Juniper supplier Malaysia, we supply you with the best Juniper networks experiences that provide premier products and solutions with high-performance outcomes such as cloud services, switchers, routers, network operating system, paragon automation, SDN & orchestration, security products, software, and also wireless access points.


    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Kaseya Supplier Malaysia

    Optimize your small to mid-size businesses with Kaseya powerful security and IT management tools that are efficient, cost-effective, and secure. Kaseya solutions empower MSPs and mid-sized enterprises to command all of IT centrally.

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  • Kofax

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Kofax Distributor Malaysia

    Kofax presents various products that are suitable in different aspects such as intelligent automation platforms, financial & accounting, capture & print, and desktop productivity. As Kofax supplier Malaysia, we ensure to provide you the superlative products which are also suitable for your business growth, such as the Kofax capture network server (KCN Server) functioning as extending the capabilities of Kofax Transformation Modules to include Internet and intranet processing; while workstations can be connected rapidly to a central site via the Internet (or an intranet) to aid in the validation process with this capability.

  • Lenovo

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Lenovo Distributor Malaysia

    Lenovo is a prominent personal computer manufacturer in the world (PCs). As Lenovo supplier Malaysia, we provide different products such as laptops, desktops, tablets, workstations, accessories, monitors, gaming, and many more! As Lenovo supplier Malaysia, we offer you top data center equipment that are suitable for your business types, such as servers, storage, software-defined infrastructure, networking, software, solutions, and others.

  • Microsoft

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Microsoft Distributor Malaysia

    With the intelligent infrastructure built on Microsoft technologies, your organization can provide easy access and backup support to applications and data so users can remain productive 24/7. As the Microsoft supplier Malaysia, we grant you Microsoft's elite products, services, applications, and software.

  • Nutanix

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Nutanix Distributor Malaysia

    Nutanix is the king of web-scale. As the Nutanix supplier Malaysia, Aeruma Group provides the best services of intelligent, secure, and stable data center infrastructure. Nutanix simplifies data center infrastructure by combining server and storage resources into a turnkey appliance that is built to ensure high speed & performance rate, making it scalable for any application. The Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform is used by some of the world's most advanced enterprise data centers to operate mission-critical workloads.

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  • Omada

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Omada Distributor Malaysia

    The concept of centralized administration offered by Omada SDN Controller (TP-Link) offers a single strategy for business network setups made up of wireless access points, routers, and switches. At the hub of the Omada, the network is a command center and management platform. Network administrators can set up and manage enterprise network devices in bulk using a single platform.

  • Peplink

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Peplink Distributor Malaysia

    Peplink is known as one of the highest ranking leaders in their industry, focusing primarily on features such as load balancing and VPN bonding. As Peplink supplier Malaysia, we are confident in providing you with the leading quality, innovative solutions, and dedicated customer service that can help everyone have a better Internet experience.

  • Poly

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Poly Distributor Malaysia.

    As Poly supplier Malaysia, we provide all Poly’s products, services, and solutions that are suitable to your business. Poly is famous for creating collaboration and communication technology for voice, video, and content. The products such as headsets, conference phones, video conferencing, and software.

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  • Ruckus

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Ruckus Distributor Malaysia

    Ruckus primarily focuses on wireless and wired networks, whilst constantly delivering amazing user experiences. Hence, Ruckus systems can easily be implemented, maintained, and develop a converged IT/OT network while addressing specific business outcomes using Ruckus products and solutions. As Ruckus supplier Malaysia, we supply a range of products such as ethernet switches, access points, network controllers, cloud-managed, network analytics & assurance, IoT networking, network access & policy, and CBRS LTE.

  • Ruijie

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Ruijie Networks Supplier Malaysia

    Ruijie Networks is a leading innovative ICT enterprise brand. We provide a series of Ruijie Networks product lines including routers, switches, firewall, wireless and Reyee.

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  • SentinelOne

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted SentinelOne Distributor Malaysia

    SentinelOne is one of the Gartner MQ leaders in endpoint security. SentinelOne focuses on identifying malware, monitoring lateral movement, and locating threat indicators. A comprehensive corporate security platform like SentinelOne is an illustration of how threat detection, hunting, and response capabilities help businesses identify vulnerabilities and safeguard IT operations.

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  • Veritas

    Aeruma Group - Your Trusted Veritas Distributor Malaysia

    Aeruma Group provides the greatest products and services of Veritas, such as Backup Exec 21, AdvisorMail, APTARE It Analytics, Data Insight, Information Studio, and many more! As Veritas supplier Malaysia, we provide the most suitable products and services of Veritas to fulfill your business needs.

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