A significant catalyst for the digital transition that is already changing the workplace. By having Poly’s products, tasks can be solved in a cost-effective way. Poly produces high-quality audio and video tools to enable you to hold the greatest meetings possible anywhere, at any time. The desk phones, analytics software, video and audio conferencing equipment, headsets, and other products and services are exquisitely crafted to link people incomparably clearly. They are of professional quality, simple to use, and effortlessly integrate with the very finest video and audio conferencing services.

Bluetooth Headsets

The Voyager headsets series from Poly are incredibly comfortable, strong, and have high-quality sound. These noise-canceling bluetooth headphones ensure that your calls are crystal clear and undisturbed because noise can distract you wherever you work, including from kitchen appliances, children, chatty coworkers, and ringing phones.

Check out the series of Poly bluetooth headsets such as Voyager Focus 2, Voyager Focus UC, Voyager 8200 UC, Voyager 6200 UC, Voyager 5200 Office & UC Series, Voyager 5200 Series, Voyager 4300 UC Series, and Voyager 4200 Office & UC Series.

DECT Wireless Headsets

People may get a wonderful headset made specifically for the working environment with the Savi series of DECT wireless headphones for office phones. Savi headsets are perfect for all the heroes in your company because they are easy to use, comfortable to wear, visually appealing, and come in a variety of styles.

Check out the series of DECT wireless headsets such as Savi 8200 Office & UC, Savi 7300 Office Series, Savi 7200 Office Series, and also CS540.

USB Headsets

The Blackwire series headsets are stylish, snug, have superb sound, and are durable. They have a 3.5mm and conventional PC interface, so they may be plugged into everyone's favorite gadgets. More good news for IT: company-wide deployment is made simpler by plug-and-play installation and the popularity of the headsets.

Check out the series of USB headsets such as Blackwire 8225, Blackwire 5200 Series, Blackwire 3300 Series, and Blackwire 3200 Series.

Contact Center Headsets

The most popular contact center headsets are from the Poly EncorePro series. Agents will be connected with high durability and uptime — tailored for heavy usage. And comfort is the primary focus of the incredibly light, well-fitting design.

Check out the series of contact center headsets such as EncorePro 700 Digital Series, EncorePro 700 USB Series, EncorePro 700 Series, EncorePro 500 Series, EncorePro 300 USB Series, EncorePro 300 Series, and DA Series.

Aviation & Specials

Poly aims to set the highest standards of quality and design as a top producer of light headsets. For the clearest discussions when it counts, Poly uses superior components in their speakers and noise-canceling microphones.

Check out the series of aviation and specials such as HW261N-DC, SSP 2353-01, SDS 2490, Supraplus SDS 2491, SDR 2141-01, SHS 1890, SHS 1926, USB - PTT, DCH, SHS 2005, SHR 2083-01, CA12CD-S, Starset H31CD, and many more.


Poly offers you a variety of headset accessories and audio processors.

Check out the series of accessories such as MDA220 USB, QD Series, MDA500 QD Series, Vista M22, Vistaplus AP15, Voyager Charging Stand, Poly Status Indicator, CS540 Spare Battery, and many more.

IP Conference Phones

Your teams can communicate clearly and exchange ideas by using Poly Trio conference phones, whether it is through audio, video, or content sharing. It offers best-in-class functionality from a single, stylish gadget. On practically any platform, people may connect with a touch and receive fantastic sound on a phone that is sized for their room.

Check out the series of IP conference phones such as Trio C60, Trio 8800, and Trio 8300.

USB / Bluetooth Speakerphones

It is possible in individual and group workstations as well as small to medium conference rooms by using Poly Sync Family USB or bluetooth® smart speakerphones.

Check out the series of USB or bluetooth speakerphones such as Poly Sync 10, Poly Sync 20, Poly Sync 40, and Poly Sync 60.

Phone Accessories
Check out the series of phone accessories such as VVX EM50 Expansion Module, Computer Calling Kit, Expansion Microphones, Eagleeye Mini, Visual+, VVX Color Expansion Module, Soundstation IP 7000 Multi-Interface Module, and many more.

Desk Phones

Poly is a brilliant decision for any expanding corporation as it creates pro-level audio and a sleek appearance.

Check out the series of desk phones such as Poly Edge B Series, CCX 700, CCV 600, CCX 500, CCX 400, VVX 450, VVX 350, VVX 250, and VVX 150.

Wireless Phone Solutions

Poly Rove wireless IP phone system is designed for on-site staff and offers delightful mobility. Not to mention that it has Microban® antibacterial product protection, which is designed to keep it cleaned for longer. Poly uses DECTTM technology to protect your most important communications.

Check out the series of wireless phone solutions such as Poly Rove 30, Poly Rove 40, Poly Rove B2, and Poly Rove B4.

Phone Accessories
Check out the series of business phone accessories such as VVX EM50 Expansion Module, Poly Rove Multi-Charger, Wifi Adapter, Neoprene Carrying Case, and many more.

Meeting Room Solutions

A successful video call requires audio, a camera, a video app, and action. Poly’s entire room solutions' built-in software is compatible with many of your favorite platform apps. You can join the meeting by simply clicking the controller; no need to bring your own Mac or PC. We provide you different meeting room solutions that are suitable for focus or small rooms, medium rooms, large rooms, and modular solutions.

Check out the series of meeting room solutions such as Poly Studio X30 With TC8, USB Video Bars, Poly Studio P15, Poly Studio X50 WITH TC8, Poly Studio E70, Eagleeye IV, and many more.

Personal Solutions

You can be your best self with Poly Studio P Series personal video devices — confident and clear from start to finish. Take advantage of video calls wherever you are doing work. Cameras with high performance are correct for uneven illumination. Distractions are eliminated by premium audio. Solutions and bundles include easy setup and cloud services for IT and are created to meet work styles for any sort of user.

Check out the series of personal solutions such as Poly Studio P21, Poly Studio P15, Poly Studio P5, and Poly Studio P5 Kits.

Video Carts & Stations
Check out the series of video carts and stations such as Utility Cart 500 and Poly Telehealth Station.

Video Conferencing Accessories
Check out the series of video conferencing accessories such as Poly Studio P5, Poly Studio E70, Eagleeye Mini, TCB, Realpresence Touch, Visualpro, Poly Group Series Remote Control, and many more.